Circlet for the headband! Innovative hairstyling by GetFabulous

Do you already know the new quick-change artist from the GetFabulous Family?

Headband Zero Waste Concept

It gives you so many benefits, it's amazing!

... but no magic 🐰 💫 🎩

Headband design to swap

The Headband has been thought through down to the smallest detail and gives you a number of subtleties that you will soon love!

Hairband GetFabulous

You only need one frame, which you can easily change with different covers.

💚 save plastic, because you only need a Plastic Frame

💚 Tire is comfortable to wear for hours

💚 Covers are made from leftover fabric from the Headbands made with the Zero Waste concept

💚 Covers are washable and therefore hygienic

💚 Selection of colors and designs extremely high

💚 Headbands will reach you in plastic-free packaging

💚 sewn in Europe, no long journeys!

Hairband design to exchange

You can swap back and forth between the coolest designs super easy! Completely realized from fabric remnants according to the zero-waste concept and plastic-saving, because you only need a plastic frame. 🆒

Packaged without plastic, it will be with you in three working days! 💚

🌎 Make the world a more beautiful place:

Smile happily, because you are safe from bad hair days and at the same time protect the environment! 😘

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