How to go to the office chic despite unwashed hair!

Washing and styling your hair every day is very damaging to your hair, making it brittle and split- ends. In addition, the more you wash, the faster your hair becomes greasy. Dry shampoo would be an alternative, but doesn't your hair feel sticky and sticky afterwards? Nasty.
Care products, water and electricity consumption are a financial and ecological catastrophe. Can't we save that?
Honestly, washing your hair twice a week would be enough. But don't your colleagues and friends notice and whisper?

There is a simple solution for you:

Hide unwashed hair with hairband

Often the tips are just right and beautiful, but the roots are already greasy. To do this, we recommend simply pulling the hairband onto open hair. You have the perfect boho look and show off the benefits of unwashed hair. The nasty approach is hidden and your colleagues will celebrate you because of your modern style!

The ends of your hair are also stringy and should be hidden better? Conceal them in a messy bun in just a few simple steps!

Pull the hair band all the way over your head, loosely pin the bun up and pull the headband up. Looks cool, is comfortable and hides all hair problems!

Hairband conceals unwashed hair

You need a hairstyle that is elegant but still conceals an approach? Here comes your rescue! Place the headband on loose hair and then insert the hair into the headband in sections from bottom to top. This hairstyle holds up even better with unwashed hair!

This is how you get a simple, quick and, above all, chic hairstyle that looks really elaborate!

< img src="" alt="HAIR BAND DARK BROWN Hairstyle for unwashed hair" style="display : block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">

Use the advantages of the headbands to protect your hair, because you can also do without tugging hair ties and scratching hairpins!

If nothing works with your hair, we have an alternative for you. With a turban you can hide your hair completely and radiate that certain something!

TURBAN to conceal hair

Never worn a turban? Then watch the video YouTube on!

Have fun saving

⏰ time
🤬 Trouble
🌊 Water
⚡️ Stream
💁🏽‍♀️ styling products

Wishes your team from GetFabulous

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