This headband holds on any head!

You too can join the hair trend!

Is your hair too fine or too voluminous for a headband? It always slips off your head or pinches? Is your head circumference smaller or larger than average? No reason to do without this modern hair accessory, because the new hairband with sewn-in wire suits every hair structure!

Flexie headband with wire for the perfect fit without pressure and slipping

You can adjust and fasten the wire headband precisely to your head circumference. Tailored especially for you!

The Wire hair band stays on the head and offers the pleasant hold perfectly tailored to your head circumference and your hair structure or hairstyle, because you have it in your hand!

The flexie - wire headband is perfect for the warm season, it can be worn in the width you choose. In full width it is a beautiful headband, you fold it or twist it around the wire, you can wear it as a narrow headband or even as a headband! Awesome right? With a little practice you'll get the hang of it and you'll be the queen of fashion no matter where you spend your free time!

Headband with wire

Creative hairstyling is easy with the flexie wire headband!

Try out new hairstyles and styles to your heart's content: your hair will be an eye-catcher with the wire hair bands. But you can also dress it up as a knot hair band or as a small wreath. Check us out on Instagram, there are plenty of reels and videos to inspire your hairstyle!

Wire headband worn like a hairtie Scrunchie

The wire headband is also great as a subtle hairaccessory!

Put it in a loose braid, wrap it around your bun, wear it on the ponytail like a scrunchie! Practical in all situations and indispensable for trendsetters and it girls! Get that festival feeling!

GetFabulous has the ingenious headbands in many cool designs and trendy colors. Browse through the selection!

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