The heart of GetFabulous - Our "Signature Collection"

The long wait is over and finally there are luxury headbands - our "Signature Collection"

Patterns of a very special kind designed by our company. Take your style to the next level and proudly show everyone that you are a real fabulista and that GetFabulous headbands are the best for you!

Elaborately specially designed patterns specially designed according to the wishes of our customers, an additionally incorporated logo as branding and the special feature that all patterns in the "Signature Collection" are accurately adapted to the GetFabulous pattern make these headbands "it-pieces of the extra class" . An absolute must for real fans who absolutely want to present this!

There is a long way to go before such a special collection is completed. We have been working towards this for a long time and have done many tests in order to finally be able to proudly present this special collection to you.

The interaction of the individual wishes of our community, intensive trend analysis, detailed observation of the buying behavior of our customers and our necessary know-how in the field of textile design make our "Signature Collection" complete & amp; unique - you can be sure: you can only find a collection of this kind at GetFabulous!


Many of you wish the wide headbands back. We want to comply with this wish. We will continue to offer all headbands in the "Signature Collection" in a wide version. That means:

- there is even more of the beautiful, unique designs on the head visible.

- You have the option to fold your hairband the way you like it best and how it is most comfortable for you to wear.

- the headbands of the "Signature Collection" stand out even more from our "normal" collection & amp; are therefore even more exclusive!


But it is not only because of their width and the integrated "GetFabulous" logo that these pieces of jewelery stand out from the rest of the collection. The fact that they can be adapted directly to the pattern and each motif is precisely and carefully placed on it make them stand out something unique! 

All of these special features complete our latest top-class collection.

You can purchase our headbands from the "Signature Collection" with a one-time value of € 34.99 in the usual GetFabulous top quality!

dimensions: width: 22 cm / height: 22 cm

fabric: 93% viscose, 7% elasthane



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