A scarf with wire: the ingenious flexie wire headband!

Have you been looking for a headband that fits you exactly?

You found it here!

The Flexie - wire headband is the innovation for everyone who loves headbands. A long piece of wire that you can bend and kink is sewn into the fabric tube. This wire makes your flexie perfectly adaptable to all head sizes, all head shapes and all hair types.

It doesn't matter if your head was too small for headbands and every hairband slipped or your head circumference was too big and the headband caused pressure points and headaches. It's over!

The back of your head is too flat to hold a headband? No, the Flexie headband is different, you press it around your head until it holds. And it's pleasant and comfortable!

It doesn't matter whether you have thick, unruly hair or straight hair without volume, because you determine the size of the hairband.

As tailor-made for you and also variable in use!

Headbands with wire for the perfect fit

Would you like to have an everyday hairstyle that looks stunning and can be styled in no time?

No problem with the GetFabulous wire hairband! Place the label at the back of your neck, pulling the ends up over your head. In a comfortable way, you twist the two wires together at the crown and then pull them down. You can hide the ends of the flexie in the band behind your ears and hook them to the wire for the best hold.

Your headband style is ready!

You need a tutorial for this? Look how Lisa-Marie shows it on You Tube!

From today there are eleven new flexies in spring colors and cool patterns, twist them together and create unique combinations!

Wire ribbons in a set for savings

GetFabulous wire headbands are also available in a savings set, so you save six euros!

You can also wear your headband with a wire core in a festival look, smooth at the front and knotted at the back. Or beautify your updo.

We especially love the twisted version! There are hardly any limits to your creativity, live out your love of different hairstyles to the full, your flexie supports you perfectly!

We hope you found a lot of inspiration and wish you lots of fun with your innovative headband with wire!

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