Can I actually wash my GetFabulous headband?

Our headbands are in constant contact with care and styling products. External influences also affect the headband. Every now and then your headbands should get a little refreshment treatment from you.

You will find one in your GetFabulous headbandsWashing info. It shows you how to best care for your headbands and make sure that they stay as beautiful for a long time as they were on the first day.

We generally recommend to wash your headbands by hand with anydetergent to laundry by hand.But you can even use hair shampoo. To do this, simply lather a small amount of the agent in warm water and gently rub the headband between your fingers. Then rinse well and thoroughly with clear water and gently press dry. Please make sure that you do not wear the sensitive fibers of the headband by wringing them out, this leads to ugly creases.

As an alternative to hand washing, you can also wash your headbands at30 degrees in the washing machine. Because of the stretch content (spandex), it should never be washed hotter than 30 degrees, as the synthetic fibers break when exposed to high heat.

Please use for machine washingliquid color detergentas heavy-duty detergents contain bleach and will fade the colors of your hairband. You should avoid the spin cycle or only spin with slow rotations, as your headband could easily warp during the fast drum movement.

In order to enjoy the great properties of the headband for a long time, leave itdry flat.
Ironing the headband is not necessary, but if you don't want to do without it, you should keep the temperature low.


If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of long-lasting headband love! 

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