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Looking for the latest style highlight? Grab your "ready-to-wear" turban and enjoy your chic life without any hair stress!

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Black Basic Turban 34,99 €
Taupe Basic Turban 34,99 €
Beige Basic Headband 19,99 €
Beige Basic Headband 19,99 €
Beige Basic Headband 19,99 €

The turban headband is always very popular! The ruffled section at the front is particularly reminiscent of the Far Eastern accessory. How nice when the hair doesn't fall in the face, the turban headband is ideal here, it holds the hair together as much as possible and looks super stylish at the same time. Just put on the turban and the perfect look is ready. Easily hide hair problems under the comfortable hair accessory, and still be happy to look magical and feminine!