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Black Basic Headband 19,99 €
Savannah Headband 24,99 €
Dark Grey Basic Headband 19,99 €
Trinity Headband 24,99 €
Floral Beauty Headband 24,99 €
Koniak Basic Headband 19,99 €
Joy Headband 29,99 €
Feather Explosion Headband 24,99 €
Beige Basic Headband 19,99 €
Royal Flower Headband 24,99 €
Pale Rosé Basic Headband 19,99 €
Wish Headband 24,99 €
Grace Headband 24,99 €
Fearless Headband 24,99 €
Aquarell Headband 24,99 €
Birds Paradise Headband 24,99 €
Haarband mit rosa Tupfen 24,99 €
Light Taupe Basic Headband 19,99 €
Garden Eden Headband 24,99 €
Moss Headband 19,99 €
Sweet Poison Headband 24,99 €
My Spirit Headband 24,99 €
Plum Basic Headband 19,99 €
Safari Headband 24,99 €
Dark Apricot Basic Headband 19,99 €
Stone Headband 19,99 €
Boho Dream Headband 24,99 €
Treasure Headband 24,99 €
Florence Headband 24,99 €
Flexie Savannah 24,99 €
Melody Headband 24,99 €
Flexie Girlpower 24,99 €
Fancy Headband 24,99 €
Lavender Basic Headband 19,99 €
Shine Headband 24,99 €
Manhattan Headband 24,99 €
Wild Headband 24,99 €
Red Basic Headband 19,99 €
Abundance Headband 24,99 €
Haarband in khaki mit Highlights 24,99 €
Black Cord Knitted Headband 29,99 €
Flexie Sweet Poison 24,99 €
Sky Blue Basic Headband 19,99 €
Flexie Light Denim 24,99 €
Pink Basic Headband 19,99 €
Nude Cord Knitted Headband 29,99 €
Moss Cord Headband 29,99 €
Black Basic Headband 19,99 €
Black Basic Headband 19,99 €
Black Basic Headband 19,99 €

For years, headbands have found their way into all fashion styles and continues to be one of the most popular styling accessories for hair internationally. Headbands are a trend that has been around for a long time and will probably always remain. No wonder it offers a variety of ways to combine practical function and fashionable style for all hair types! Already worn by hippies and elegant film divas in the 60s and 70s, the boho trend headband finally became a must-have for all fashionable women. Headbands are an integral part of the "Boho Chic" of the fashion world. Today, headbands are an important hair accessory to emulate fashion icons like Sienna Miller or Kate Moss. With a headband you can easily be the center of attention or conjure up a subtle look for the job. Of course, a headband not only has many advantages visually. A headband is the accessory that you should always have at hand, because your headbands can save you from any hair frustration. So practical and stylish too! Keep your hairstyle under control with two simple steps, conceal thin or greasy hair. Hide your dark or gray hairline and roots and still look amazing! With headbands you have countless possibilities to upgrade your hairstyling. Whether you have lots of curls or thin hair without volume. Even hair loss can be perfectly concealed! Wear your knot hairband with a ponytail, messy bun or hippie style with loose hair. Depending on the occasion and mood of the day, you decide how you wear your hairstyle, one thing is certain: you always look well-groomed and trendy! GetFabulous Headbands have even more advantages compared to standard hair bands: thanks to the cut specially developed in-house, they do not slip or pinch. Together with the high-quality fabric selection, the headbands give you the comfort to wear your headband all day long. Perfectly styled and without a headache!