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Haarbänder ohne drücken und rutschen 🤩



Absolutely innovative! Adjust the flexie individually to your head size and discover all the styling variations!

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Flexie Urban Soul 19,99 €
Flexie Dark Apricot 19,99 €
Flexie Mille Fleurs 19,99 €
Flexie Symphony 19,99 €
Flexie Paradise Green 19,99 €
Flexie Dusty Blue 19,99 €
Grounded Flexie 19,99 €
Flexie Light Denim 19,99 €
Flexie New Wave 19,99 €
Concious Flexie 19,99 €
Sun & Fun Flexie 19,99 €13,99 €
Flexie Sweet Mantra 19,99 €
Flexie Summerwine 19,99 €
Flexie Flowerful Sky 19,99 €
Flexie Jungle Run 19,99 €
Flexie Wild Rose 19,99 €
Flexie Wavy Water 19,99 €
Flexie Set Sail 19,99 €
Flexie Girlpower 19,99 €
Flexie Sweet Poison 19,99 €
Flexielove Set 39,98 €

The headband with wire core is another little insider tip, once you get the hang of it you have a hairband that is simply unbeatable in terms of wearing comfort. Adjust it individually to your own head size and experience a hair accessory that neither pinches nor slips and also offers you many styling options for tons of different hairstyles. Is your head circumference slightly smaller or larger than average? Your hair is very thin and everything always slips? Your thick curls never fit under a headband? That's not a problem with your Flexie. Just wrap it as loosely or as tightly as you want and it will stay in shape. No pressure, no slipping and no headaches. You're also in charge of the styling! Familiar with the twist up front? Turned into a statement-like flower? Or like a loop? Or sideways? Or would you like to upgrade your bun or ponytail? Then wear the Flexie Headband hair tie or scrunchie style. Now it's your turn!