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What does GetFabulous stand for?
GetFabulous stands for comfortable, non-slip hairbands that hug your head incredibly well. The company was founded in 2016 by Karolina Bobbé. Thanks to her fashion design studies in Berlin and numerous internships in well-known companies, Karolina has developed a special feel for quality and design. You can feel her passion for high quality hair accessories in every product from GetFabulous!
How did GetFabulous come about?
Karolina was already a big fan of head accessories as a teenager, as she only had fine, thin hair. The aim was to spice up her look with just a few means without damaging the sensitive hair. 
Most of the accessories were unfortunately anything but comfortable. The hairbands slipped off the head or had to be fastened with many clips. The result was disappointing. While still studying fashion design, she decided to found her own company after graduating in order to finally solve this problem.
What is the Signature Collection and why does it cost more?
Signature Collection includes the headbands that were designed in-house. That means that the fabric here is designed by Karolina and Melina themselves. This collection is always the result of close collaboration with the GetFabulous community. Your opinions are always asked for through Instagram. Then we set a theme and design the pattern. This requires a lot of digital effort and countless test prints until we finally achieve the perfect result that we are behind. The finished design is then printed on a high-quality fabric and sewn into the GetFabulous headband. To underline the uniqueness of this collection, we have the GetFabulous logo inserted here exclusively.
All Signature hairbands are only available in wide form. The exact dimensions can be found in the product description.
How do I care for / wash my headband?
Care is necessary so that you can proudly wear your headband for many years. But this is very simple!
We recommend doing the first wash by hand to remove any excess dye from the fabric. Simply place the headband in a sink and rinse with lukewarm water. You can add a small amount of your favorite detergent. Please make sure that you do not use bleach. After a few minutes, carefully squeeze out the headband and let it dry flat on a towel.
For all subsequent washes, simply follow the rules on the washing information in the headband.
Why should I get a GetFabulous headband?
A GetFabulous headband is the ideal accessory to underline your unique style - even if you have a "Bad Hair Day"! Your headband helps you to complete your hairstyle, to conceal your protruding baby hair and is unbeatable even during sports.
With us you can be sure - we produce fairly, regionally as possible and put all our passion and experience in everything to do with headbands in our product. GetFabulous has become a hair band community in which you are also very welcome!
What is the price of a headband like?
Our headbands are not a mass product from distant countries. It starts with the fabrics, because we only choose the best fabrics from the region. Over 80% of the headbands from our range are printed in Germany at our request. We make sure that the fabrics are checked for their quality and that the environment is spared. 
The headbands are only produced in smaller sewing shops. Since the foundation of GetFabulous, we have created and secured many new jobs. This is very important to us, because the seamstress profession is hardly in demand in Europe, but there are still many women who want to pursue this profession. The advantage of this is that we always have the quality of the workmanship in mind.
GetFabulous processes the orders on its own - it costs more money, but this is the only way we can have full control over how quickly and how well we deliver to our customers. The finished orders are then taken over by our shipping partner DHL.
So if you have any questions or special requests about your order, we are there for you - always service-oriented and flexible.
Quality and regionality have their price - and the more we are proud to be a number 1 bestseller in the hairband segment in Germany and have been for many years!
Which headband suits me?
If you are unsure which headband suits you particularly well, use our headband generator directly on the front page. With just a few clicks, he will tell you which headband suits your face.